Yallappa, Poojari Kollabhovi, K.Y.Thammanna and Y. Hanumanthappa built a temple of their own socio-economical abilities by installing the worshiping holy idol of the Kollapurada Sri Mahalakshmi Goddess. The fifth generation Poojari T Chandrapp ,T. Veerash and H. Thippeswamy took full responsibility of the temple in 1989 . They stood steadily for the development of the temple with the cooperation of other neighboring communities.

Veerash, H. Thippeswamy, H. Venkatesh, R. Srinivas, T. Chandrappa, T. Manjanna and others were officially started to instauration of the temple building on 5-9-2009. Then all devotees came forward and offered their offerings and got their receipts

The vote of Infinite thanks is said to the devotees, patrons or donors, volunteers, members of the Trust, and the general public on behalf of the Kollapurada Sri Mahalaxmi Temple Service Trust-Chitradurga .